Fiduciary Advantage                Estate Administrators

Probate & Trust Administration
Prompt Marshalling of Assets
Trust & Forensic Accountings
Real Property Sales or Management
Special Needs Trust Management
Close Portfolio Supervision
Management of Decedent's Business (if applicable)
Oversight Preparation of Trust or Estate Tax Returns
Crummey Trust Servicing
Litigation Support
Guardian or Conservator of the Estate or Person

We’re often called in when…

·   You need someone capable of administering either a large or small estate.

·   A trusted family member or friend may not be available to serve.

·   Your client requires gentle, personal attention because of age or incapacity.

·   The estate has real property which must be carefully maintained or sold for maximized return.

·   A neutral administrator is required in order to minimize family discord.

·   You want an alert fiduciary to protect your client from unwanted influence or elder abuse.

·   You want a team you can count on to administer the estate with the highest possible

    professionalism and a minimum of difficulties and expense.


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